Announcing the launch of QMCLOUD (SaaS)

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Announcing the launch of QMCLOUD (SaaS)

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of QMCLOUD SaaS. QMCLOUD is now available as Software as a Service in addition to an appliance and self-hosting option.

QMCLOUD is all about elevating developer experience and improving productivity so you can do more productive things besides writing low level infrastructure code. With the various No Code technologies, you can compose, visualize, and deploy cloud infrastructure and our platform generates the code automatically.

QMCLOUD provides a consistent experience across multiple cloud providers including AWS, Azure, and K8 provider.

You can deploy network landing zone, compute and storage infrastructure AND you can deploy more complex PaaS services such as Kubernetes services with EKS or AKS.

QMCLOUD can also be used by your platform engineering group and be a component in your IDP (internal developer platform) to enable self-service use cases. 

Even more exciting news, that QMCLOUD is available to individual users or developers for FREE. If your use case involves multiple users to collaborate with role-based access control, QMCLOUD is available in Team and Enterprise editions.  

I also want to share about our roadmap where we will have many more exciting features coming soon including scan and import to visualize current infrastructure, convert your existing code, and slipstream security and cost policies. 

Ultimately our platform allows you to reduce cost by over 50%, simplify and accelerate cloud deployments delivering software faster and safer. 

You can get started with QMCLOUD at

You can also learn more at

Hear our CEO Prakash making the announcement.