QMCLOUD - No/Low code Cloud Infrastructure deployment

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Nov 11, 2022

QMCLOUD - No/Low code Cloud Infrastructure deployment

Simplify cloud infrastructure deployment using a No/Low code platform

As most of you know, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the management of infrastructure (network, virtual machine etc.) using similar concepts of traditional programming languages including descriptive models, source code, and versioning.

IaC has evolved to assist us with the principles of Continuous Integration and Deployment and has allowed us to adopt idempotency and reduces the chance of inconsistent results. IaC in my opinion is still in its infancy compared to other relatively more mature programming languages.

Modern cloud infrastructure deployment using the current IaC approach is complex, and time-consuming – especially for small and medium sized organizations who are not able to afford advanced IaC skills in their repertoire.

Enter “QMCLOUD” – an “Infrastructure as Low Code” (IaLC) platform that simplifies deployments and enables one to compose, define and deploy infrastructure with none to minimal programming language experience.

Deployment can be done using either a canvas and drag and drop capabilities or a simplified deployment wizard with appropriate required input.

Besides the ability to compose and deploy infrastructure, a built-in security policy engine checks for best practices-based policies and either allows, warns, or blocks deployments based on the desired posture.

The platform generates the behind-the-scenes infrastructure code if required.

In summary, the QMCLOUD platform assists in:

·        Simplified cloud infrastructure deployment with none to minimal programming experience

·        Defining and reusing pre-defined templates

·        Secure and best practices-based deployments

·        Access to infrastructure code if required

For example, in a simple infrastructure as shown below for AWS landing zone (VPC, Subnets, Gateways, Route tables), one would have to write hundreds (if not more) lines of code. In addition to check and enforce security best practices (example of not allowing port 80 to, additional lines of codes or tools would need to be used.

With the QMCLOUD platform, this deployment of a common AWS landing zone will be as simple as either a predefined template or dragging and dropping the desired components and making the required connections on the canvas. The platform makes recommendations for most common connections to assist a user to complete the infrastructure.

Thus, the platform saves a considerable amount of effort in composing the infrastructure and we expect around 60% to 80% savings in deploying a secure and best practices-based infrastructure.

We are really excited about the potential with the QMCLOUD platform to accelerate our customers cloud adoption efforts.

A brief video below depicts the basic platform capabilities:

The platform is slated to be released in early 2022 and we are enlisting early adopters.

Contact us at info@appmodz.net for enlisting and more info and/or a specific use case that you may be interested in.

Also check our website for more details on additional products geared towards accelerating app modernization efforts:


Thanks to our partner Pulumi (https://www.pulumi.com) for assisting us in the integration efforts.